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studium oecologicum

Sustainability and climate protection are becoming more important in our society and are being considered in an interdisciplinary way in many institutions and companies. Universities have a special responsibility to support education for sustainable development and research on topics relevant to the future. Therefore, from beginning of the winter semester 2021/22, the TU Dortmund will offer a sustainability certificate that students can obtain in addition to their regular studies. Note: At the moment, the certificate in general is only provided in german. Modules of the certificate could be in english, it depends on the lecturers. Students must take at least three modules with a total amount of 10 credit points from the "Module Catalogue Sustainability of the TU Dortmund University" and subsequently receive a certificate of the studium oecologicum as a certificate. Most of the modules are provided in german. For more informations about the language, please check the LSF system, website of the faculty or contact  the teaching person. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.

Key Visual des studium oecologicum mit Icon eines aufgeschlagenen Buches. © ITMC​/​TU Dortmund
The structure of the studium oecologicum depicted as a potted plant. The five subject areas are on the pot and a plant with four leaves grows from it. The leaves show the overall scope and the different module areas. © ITMC​/​TU Dortmund

Three modules with a total of 10 credit points must be taken and successfully completed:

  •     an interdisciplinary basic module
  •     an  advanced module from the student's own subject area (if possible)
  •     an advanced module from another subject area

The modules offered in the studium oecologicum are divided into five subject areas:

  •     Education
  •     Society
  •     Science and technology
  •     Economy
  •     Space and construction

The lecturers assign their respective courses to one of these subject areas.

Once you have achieved the 10 credit points in the three modules, you submit the corresponding certificates of achievement to the Sustainability Office. The Sustainability Office will then issue the certificate.

Further details on the studium oecologicum can be found in the certificate regulations (currently only in german) .