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The paper consumption and the proportion of recycled paper at the university are to be documented, visually processed and communicated. In this way, a contribution is to be made to reducing paper and increasing the proportion of recycled paper.

For several years now, TU Dortmund University has regularly taken part in the comparison of universities in the 'Paper Atlas' of the Initiative Pro Recycling Paper. The aim of the initiative is to reduce paper consumption overall and to increase the proportion of recycled paper, which saves CO2, water and energy.

TU Dortmund's sustainability strategy states the goal of reducing paper consumption by 10% by 2021. In addition, the recycled paper quota is to increase to 80% by 2025.

Data on paper consumption has been collected, visualised and published on the homepage and on social media. This is to create awareness and a starting point for the goals set. In the long term, the data and visualisations can also help to persuade TU Dortmund institutions to switch to recycled paper.

Paper consumption of TU Dortmund