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Each faculty requires specific expertise and has its own structures. In order to establish sustainability as a fundamental principle at TU Dortmund University, people with precisely this knowledge as well as enthusiasm for sustainable topics and projects are needed.

Sustainability and climate protection are a joint task. A complex institution like TU Dortmund University therefore needs many people who feel connected to the topic. Therefore, sustainability contact persons were appointed in all faculties in 2022. All sustainability officers were already heavily involved in the energy-saving measures in autumn 2022.

They are to strengthen the dialogue on sustainable topics and be the first contact persons for the Sustainability Office. Questions of sustainability in teaching, research and operations can thus be answered in a more targeted manner and a sustainable development of the institutions can progress more quickly. They can also help to build and revitalise a network of committed members of TU Dortmund University.

There is an overview of all sustainability contact persons in the faculties.