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Birdhouses on the campus

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Zwei Männer stehen lachend vor einem Baum, an dem ein Vogelhaus hängt. © Henning Moldenhauer​/​TU Dortmund
Prof. Stephan Lütz aus der BCI und JProf. Thomas Liebig aus der Informatik nehmen ihr Dankeschön-Geschenk für den Beitrag zur Ringvorlesung in Empfang.

Since April, nesting boxes have been hanging on various trees on campus. These not only provide protection for the numerous bird species at TU Dortmund University, but are also a thank you to all lecturers of the lecture series "Climate: Change, Values, Science" in the winter semester 2021/2022.

The promotion of biodiversity is an important element in achieving the sustainable development goals. With its large and green campus, the TU Dortmund can make a contribution to this. In addition to already existing  projects on biodiversity , now another step has been taken towards biodiversity.

Since April 2022, nesting boxes have been hanging at 19 new locations, which were purchased by the BCI faculty as a follow-up to the lecture series Climate: Change, Values, Science in the winter semester 2021/2022. Each nesting box is a thank-you to the lecturers of the lecture series, who passed on their knowledge to the students and thus made a contribution to the success of the lecture and the studium oecologicum.

The nesting boxes were ordered from NABU and provide a retreat for tits, sparrows, pied flycatchers and nuthatches. In addition, four larger nesting boxes for starlings will be installed.

For all hobby-ornithologists and interested people, the locations of the nesting boxes were mapped and can be viewed as of now. Insect hotels and artworks on campus can also be found on the map, so that it's now easily possible to do an tour of discovery  on biodiversity and art.

The nesting boxes were installed by the Sustainability Office and volunteers. On 27 April 2022, Prof. Stephan Lütz as the main organiser of the lecture series and Prof. Thomas Liebig as a participating lecturer officially inaugurated the nesting boxes. At the same time, all the nesting boxes were labelled with the names of the lecture series lecturers. Some birds were in a particular hurry, a few blue tits were seen in the birdhouses before the official 'handing over of the keys'.

We thank all those involved in this project! We are confident that in the coming months and years we can expect both bird offspring and the number of nesting boxes and insect hotels to increase even further.

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Ein Mann bringt ein kleines Schild an einem Baum an. © Henning Moldenhauer​/​TU Dortmund
Ein Mann bringt ein Schild an einem Baum an. © Henning Moldenhauer​/​TU Dortmund