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Employees of TU Dortmund University can subscribe to a discounted local public transport ticket with the Job-Ticket. The Job-Ticket is a personal, non-transferable monthly travel pass for local public transport at the applicable travel pass conditions. The discount is around 10% of the ticket price. More detailed information is available in the ServicePortal.

The H-Bahn runs along a path with green trees. © Roland Baege​/​TU Dortmund

Cheapest means of travel

At the turn of the year, a new State Travel Expenses Act (LRKG NRW) came into force. Now, for example, business travellers can opt for a train journey, even if the ticket is more expensive or the longer journey time entitles them to overnight accommodation and a higher daily allowance. In addition, 1st class can be used for train journeys of two hours or more, including transfer times. Another change is the simplification of the distance allowance when using one's own vehicle.

The ServicePortal provides you with an overview of all important innovations.

Business trips by rail

The destination of business trips can be reached in an environmentally friendly manner by rail. Since 2022, any additional costs for this have been covered. Rail tickets for business trips by employees can be purchased through TU Dortmund University at a reduced wholesale price. This is also handled via the service portal.

Compensate business trips

In the case of unavoidable business trips, the CO2 emissions caused can be offset if necessary. At present, this is possible for DFG-funded research projects.

The NRW State Travel Costs Act does not currently provide for such compensation. Here, a compensation payment would be possible privately, but the costs are not reimbursed.

Umweltauswirkungen: Vergleich von Reisemitteln

On the website Ecopassenger, travel routes with different means of transport (car, train, plane) can be compared with each other. Values for energy consumption as well as CO2 and air pollutant emissions are calculated.

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